Security Center

At Healthcare Systems Federal Credit Union, your account privacy and security are a priority.  We will NEVER solicit your personal information, such as account number, credit/debit card numbers, passwords, or PINs via phone or email.  Here you will find news, tips, and advice on how you can protect yourself from identity theft and financial scams.


COVID-19 Financial Scams

As the coronavirus pandemic continues in full swing, we have seen a noticeable uptick in COVID-19 related financial scams. We want to ensure your safety during these difficult times, so watch out for the following scams.




Elder Fraud

Take time to learn about important strategies you can use to prevent elder financial fraud and abuse from happening to you or a loved one.

After our course you will:

  • Understand elder fraud and the most common targets
  • Know how to identify different perpetrators of elder financial abuse
  • Put a strategy in place to help prevent elder financial abuse


Why We Get Scammed

If you use a cellphone or have an email account, you’ve almost certainly been exposed to an attempt at mass marketing fraud. Common examples include being interrupted by an annoying robocall just as you start eating lunch, or waking up to a suspicious message in your email inbox that somehow slipped through the spam filter.