Quickly transfer your money between Healthcare Systems Federal Credit Union accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions in a few easy steps.

  • Transfer money to your savings or checking accounts or to make loan payments.
  • You may set up recurring transfers to automate your saving plan.
  • Funds will generally be available within two business days.


First Time User?

1. On your first visit to the External Transfers page, you will not have any active accounts listed. To link your accounts from other financial institutions, select "Add Account."

2. Select "Checking." (It is preferable to link your external checking accounts.)

3. Then search for your other financial institution by entering the routing number or name and selecting "Find Institution."

4. You will need to input your account number at the other financial institution before selecting "Continue."

5. You will receive 2 - 3 test deposits.   After you receive the deposits, input the amounts on the account verfication page to activate the transfer feature.

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