External Transfers


Peer to Peer (P2P) Transfers


Member to Member Transfers


Wire Transfer

How can I move

my Money?

From: Your account at a different financial institution.

To: Your Healthcare Systems Account

To send money to an individual outside of Healthcare Systems FCU.

From: Your Healthcare Systems Account

To: Another Healthcare Systems Member’s Account.

From: Your Healthcare Systems Account

To: Any Account within the International Banking System

Where can I perform these transfers?

Digital Banking

Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, PayPal®. Venmo®, and Zelle®

Digital Banking

At a Branch

What are the transfer limits?

$2,500 transfer limit per day outgoing, subject to available balance.*

Transfer limits vary by service provider and your debit card limit.



When does the money get there?

As soon as the next business day. Normally 1 – 2 business days.

Generally funds are available within minutes



What else?


Once you've sent money, you can't cancel it.


Complete and sign a Wire Transfer Agreement