Get more out of your everyday spending with a Platinum Rewards Credit Card.

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Features and Benefits

  • Cashback Rewards
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Cash Advance Fee
  • Receive 2,000 Bonus Points after your first $50 purchase

Use our easy tool to see how much you could save by consolidating your debts at a potentially lower interest rate.

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Cardholder Rewards

Get rewarded for your purchases; you deserve it!   Earn one point for every dollar purchase you make. Get cash back. Take a trip. Pick a prize. The choice is yours.


Free Credit Score

As our cardholder, we always want you to know your credit score.  Our educational content gives you insight into ways to maintain your financial health.  We use a soft inquiry so there is no impact to your credit score.

Card Control

With the Healthcare Systems FCU Card Control App, you save time and gain peace of mind having access in the moments that really matter - instantly activating a new card, setting travel notes, and reporting a lost card.


Balance Transfers


Ditch your high-rate credit card balances by transferring those balances to your Platinum Rewards Credit Card. 


With Samsung Pay, paying in stores and within apps has never been easier! Samsung Pay also offers Healthcare Systems FCU cardholders security, simplicity and choice.


With Apple Pay using your digital wallet, you can make purchases with your iPhone® X at participating merchants. Apple Pay offers a unique way to make purchases with a simple touch of the finger using your Touch ID .