With our Card Control App, you save time and gain peace of mind having access in the moments that really matter - instantly turn your card "on or off," send a notification before your next trip, report your card lost, and make a payment.  Receive real-time push notifications about when, where, and how your cards are used, whether the card is used in person or digitally.

You're in control of when, where, and how your cards are used, all from your mobile phone.

Download our Card Control App today!

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Real-Time Usage Alerts

Receive alerts anytime a purchase is made using your Credit or Debit Card.



 Turn your card "on" or "off"

If you misplace your card, temporarily lock it to help secure your account and prevent unauthorized transactions

Simply tap on the picture of your card and click on the Lock/Unlock Button.



Travel Notification

If you plan a trip, let us know when and where you plan to use your card.  Bon Voyage!  Buen Viaje.



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