Having low or no credit is a challenge that comes with high cost and little opportunity...until now!  Our credit builder loan can help you build or re-establish credit so that in time, and with timely payments, you will be on your way to building great credit.


How does a Credit Builder Loan work?

•Borrow up to $1,000 from HSFCU at a great low rate.
•We place the money in a secure account with a very favorable dividend rate.
•Pay back the loan based upon terms which are most convenient for you and your budget.

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What happens after I'm done paying on the Credit Builder Loan?

After you’ve successfully paid back the loan (and as a result built up your savings) we will deposit the full loan in your savings account.

We will also report your successful payment history to the credit bureau(s). The successful and timely repayment of your Credit Builder Loan can help to raise your credit score.