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No more waiting for paper statements in the mail!  View a secure electronic version of your statements the day they’re available. And best of all – it’s absolutely free!

  • Offers immediate access to your statement information - much sooner than a mailed statement
  • eStatements are user ID and password protected so they're more secure than mailed statements, which can get lost or intercepted
  • You can review up to 24 months of eStatements



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While we’d love to put sticky notes on your refrigerator each morning, that might get a little weird. 

Instead of receiving a printed notice days after an event’s taken place, sign up for eNotices instead. You’ll receive an email notification of important activity that’s taken place in your account.

To access eNotices you’ll need to log-in to Mobile or Online Banking, and under the Account Services Menu, select eNotices. You will also need an active email address and Adobe Acrobat Reader.




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