You've earned a break from high-interest debt. Transfer balances from other credit cards or loans and start saving today.

  • 6.90 Introductory APR* on transferred balances for the first 12 months

  • Any unpaid balance after 12 months goes back to your standard low variable rate


Existing Healthcare FCU credit cardholders can request a balance transfer by filling out this form.

Input the last 4 digits of your Healthcare Systems FCU Credit Card

How much are we paying off with this 0% Promo?


Disclosure:  Promotion valid from 1/1/2024 through 2/29/2024 for qualifying new cardholders. Balance transfers do not earn rewards. You may only transfer balances up to the amount of your credit limit. You may only transfer balances from loans or cards not issued by Healthcare Systems FCU.


*I/We authorize Healthcare Systems FCU to pay-off the accounts listed above with proceeds from my Healthcare Systems FCU Platinum Rewards VISA account. A balance transfer is considered a cash advance and not a purchase. There is no grace period, and interest begins to accrue on the balance as soon as it is transferred to your Healthcare Systems FCU Platinum Rewards VISA. I/We understand that any finance charges and outstanding balances incurred after these pay-offs will be my/our responsibility.