Being declined while using your debit card is annoying and embarrassing.  Bouncing a check can be an expensive mistake, sometimes as much as $50 in fees!  

Our overdraft protection solutions provide peace-of-mind, and you may enroll in any one, two or all three plans to ensure optimal coverage.


1. Savings Account Transfer

If your checking account is short, we’ll automatically transfer money from your savings account to cover the purchase and charge a minimal transfer fee.

2. Overdraft Line of Credit

Upon approval, we'll advance the money to cover your purchases, up to your Overdraft Credit Limit.

3. Overdraft Privilege

An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway.  We can cover overdrafts as long as we have your permission to do so, however there is a $30 fee per transaction.

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