Account Alerts help monitor your account and are customizable based on what’s important to you. Choose from more than 20 types of alerts including but not limited to: changes to your contact information, withdrawals, overdrafts, low balances, failed login attempts, and even upcoming due dates on loan payments.

After signing up, you'll receive an email or text with pending or current activity on your Healthcare Systems Federal Credit Union accounts.  Customize your alerts to obtain precisely the information you want, when you want it.


Contact Info - receive notification any time a change is made to your email, phone number, or address.
Digital Banking - receive notification when Digital Banking is accessed.
Low Balance - receive notification when a specific balance is reached.

ACH Activity - receive notification whenever an ACH (Direct Deposit or Utilities) is deposited or paid.
Overdraft Occurred - receive notification when a transfer has been made to honor a transaction on your account.
Loan Payment Due - receive a friendly notice of when your loan payment is due.

Signing up is easy

MobileApp  Log in to your account

Hover on the Account Services Tab, select Account Alert.

Select the alert(s) you wish to receive and the accounts and amounts you want to receive them for.

Choose text or email, then select Save.

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